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The Millennium texture reproduces the extremely smooth and uniform composition of red pine. Its flaming look creates beautiful visual effects through alternating levels of matt and gloss.

Millennium S083 Nagold
Faced Panel
Combined Back Texture
Millennium (ML)
Panel Support
Thickness compared to nominal value
+ 0,5mm
Format, thickness and quantity
2800 x 2070 x 8mm
Single panels (from 1 to 19)
Bundles (20 panels and multiple)

2800 x 2070 x 18mm
Single panels (from 1 to 19)
Bundles (20 panels and multiple)
HPL Laminate
Format, thickness and quantity
2760 x 2040 x 0,9mm
Single sheets (from 1 to 29)
Bundles (30 sheets and multiple)
ABS Edge
Format, thickness and quantity
1 x 23mm
Blister (100m)

1 x 43mm
Blister (100m)

More Sunshine (Elk, Poland)

By opening the living room and focusing on white matt surfaces the architects could enlarge the perception of the apartment. Millennium S083 Nagold with its natural appearance and deep structure adds an attractive twist to the white matt surfaces.

Cleaf Shaping Surfaces Winner September 2022

Project type: Residential

Architect: Zielone Studio

Decor used: Millennium S083

© CLEAF Shaping Surfaces Contest

Cottino Social Impact Campus

The project aims to give common spaces a new identity with great visual impact. Custom furniture selected according to their environmental sustainability turns the entrance hall and corridor to functional spaces for students, teachers and visitors.

Cleaf Shaping Surfaces Winner February 2021

Project type: Headquarters, Educational institution

Architect: LEM Agenzia Architettura

Country: IT

© CLEAF Shaping Surfaces Contest

Smart Autogrill – Brughiera Ovest

With its balance of functionality and beauty, this restaurant is the perfect break along any trip. Natural hues and round shapes give the restaurant a warm look, while interactive and digital solutions create an innovative customer’s journey.

Cleaf Shaping Surfaces Winner July 2021

Project type: Restaurant

Architect: Conrotto Progetti

Decor used: Millennium S083

© CLEAF Shaping Surfaces Contest

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The exclusive surfaces of CLEAF are available as coated board, laminate and ABS edging. This offers you countless design options between themselves and also in combination with the EGGER Decorative Collection.

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