| CLEAF Quercia S203



Riga texture is inspired by the parallel lines found in architecture and nature. The alternation of the negative and positive elements expresses three-dimensionality, the pore just hinted gives a classic look. In combination with the solid colours it reveals its contemporary personality.

Faced Panel
Combined Back Texture
Quercia (QE)
Panel Support
Thickness compared to nominal value
+ 0,3mm
Format, thickness and quantity
2800 x 2070 x 8mm
Single panels (from 1 to 19)
Bundles (20 panels and multiple)

2800 x 2070 x 18mm
Single panels (from 1 to 19)
Bundles (20 panels and multiple)
HPL Laminate
Format, thickness and quantity
3050 x 1300 x 0,8mm
Single sheets (from 1 to 29)
Bundles (30 sheets and multiple)
ABS Edge
Format, thickness and quantity
1 x 23mm
Blister (100m)

1 x 43mm
Blister (100m)


Quercia texture is a contemporary interpretation of the oak essence. An in-depth research was carried out to maintain unchanged some typical aspects of the essence: the deep and dense pore and the brushed appearance on the bottom.

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The exclusive surfaces of CLEAF are available as coated board, laminate and ABS edging. This offers you countless design options between themselves and also in combination with the EGGER Decorative Collection.

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