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The wood-based materials specialists EGGER and CLEAF are united by their passion for furniture. Made in Italy, CLEAF's surfaces meet the strong sales structure of the EGGER Group. The collaboration includes the integration of 12 CLEAF decors into the Decorative Collection 24+ and its comprehensive service portfolio which are a great starting point

CLEAF is an italian company producing innovative surfaces for furniture and interiors. Its research generates tactile and visual experiences.

The product types - faced panel, laminate, edge - create a perfect coordinated system.

CLEAF Management

EGGER and CLEAF are united by their focus on top quality, state-of-the-art technology, the most innovative designs and a complete range of matching decor and material combinations. The Caspani and Egger families have always strived to make furniture and interiors more aesthetic and functional. This is made possible by state-of-the-art technology in the companies' production facilities. A common vision and mutual respect are the first step towards a broader collaboration for an ambitious goal: to create an innovative service for architects. The ingredients for this are a high aesthetic standard of CLEAF surfaces "Made in Italy" and the global product range and sales strengt of EGGER.


The collection: 7 textures, 12 surfaces.


Riga texture is inspired by the parallel lines found in architecture and nature. The alternation of the negative and positive elements expresses three-dimensionality, the pore just hinted gives a classic look. In combination with the solid colours it reveals its contemporary personality.

Video Riga


Quercia texture is a contemporary interpretation of the oak essence. An in-depth research was carried out to maintain unchanged some typical aspects of the essence: the deep and dense pore and the brushed appearance on the bottom.

Video Quercia


Cheope is a geometric texture inspired by the perfect lines of pyramids seen from a zenithal point of view. The shape is interpreted in its three-dimensionality, in order to create plays of light and shadow on furniture and walls.

Video Cheope


Inspired by the world of metals, Idea is a texture featuring a brushed aluminum with a 45-degree angle engraving.

Video Idea


The Millennium texture reproduces the extremely smooth and uniform composition of red pine. Its flaming look creates beautiful visual effects through alternating levels of matt and gloss.

Video Millennium


Primofiore texture is inspired by the weave of leather. Its softness and “silkiness” make it particularly fascinating, both emotionally and aesthetically.

Video Primofiore


Yosemite reproduces the tactile and visual effect of the legendary Scots pine and represents the first synchronized texture by CLEAF. Light reflections emphasize the depht of its grains.

Video Yosemite

CLEAF Espresso 2426

The CLEAF Espresso 2426 collection highlights the innovative aesthetic and tactile research on surfaces.
120 products developed in 27 textures, available as faced panel, laminate and edge, that can be ordered in bundles or single products by CLEAF’s official dealers.
Wood, metal, stone, fabric effects to give life to environments for living and working.
From retail to hospitality environments, from work spaces to home interiors.
Different scales and types of interior projects in which architects are called to develop unique experiences, also mixing colours and textures.

Learn more about the CLEAF Espresso Collection 2426

Coordinated products for innovative aesthetics

The exclusive surfaces of CLEAF are available as coated board, laminate and ABS edging. This offers you countless design options between themselves and also in combination with the EGGER Decorative Collection.

CLEAF Products


Building Beauty

Building inspirational spaces for living and working with CLEAF products is easier than you think.

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